Contributing Blogger at Filmplusgear


So last month I started my working relationship with Claus at Filmplusgear as a contributing blogger!

I’m very excited to be working with Claus, he has enabled so much industry collaboration and discussion through various Facebook groups, which I am an active member of, and Filmplusgear is just another step in that journey!

How did it begin?

The journey began in Claus’ Sony FS7 Facebook group back in March 2018. Claus had asked if anybody had any ‘Tips & Tricks” with the Sony FS7. I had recently just published my “Guide to Codecs, Gammas & Gamuts for the Sony Fs7” so decided to share this with him.

He loved the blog and discussed it being featured on the Filmplusgear blog! I was thrilled, yet felt I could bring more to the table than just this one blog. Therefore I suggested that I’d be interested in producing more regular content for the Filmplusgear blog.

Here is what Claus said…

When I read Dan’s blog post “Guide to Codecs, Gammas & Gamuts for the Sony Fs7” I knew it would be a perfect post for the developing Sony FS7 section on Filmplusgear. It got even better when Dan suggested he come onboard as a regular contributor. Couldn’t be happier!

What’s next?

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean I’m going to stop writing on the blog! Far from it! I love sharing my knowledge and experience and I hope my work with Filmplusgear is going to help me reaching a larger audience.


So here we have it, my first exclusive blog for Filmplusgear…

3 Steps to Rig your FS7 LIKE A PRO!

As many of you know I love my Sony FS7 camera, it’s so versatile and adaptable, producing fantastic quality pictures! In this blog I’ve shared some of my experiences and observations when rigging the camera, from battery power to bolt on kit and lenses.

Hopefully this will provide a useful ‘One Stop Guide’ for those looking at purchasing and rigging their Sony FS7. Outlining all the various options available to them to make their camera really shine!

I hope you enjoy it!