Ice Ice Baby!

Well, perhaps not ‘Ice Ice Baby’ but the Wescott Ice Light…

Introducing the ‘Ice Light’ in it’s Mac-esque packaging!

After visiting BVE I came across the Wescott stand where they showed me the Ice Light… a daylight, dimable, integrated battery powered LED light. At the time I was impressed with it but didn’t realise until I had left the show the potential ‘power’ of this light.

First off, let me start by saying I’m not a great fan of LED lighting as I haven’t seen any panels that don’t exhibit a green or magenta shift. Perhaps I have been looking in the wrong place or perhaps I set my hopes too high…

Anycase, I left the show and started to think about how I could use the light..

– Firstly it has a built in battery – now it only lasts for an hour or so – but for picking off that quick PTC or interview it could be thrown in there without needing any power… in addition it has a power brick which allows you to power off the mains while also recharging the battery! TICK!

– It is a soft light in one direction and a hard in the other – due to it’s shape the light exhibits a soft light along the length and a hard light across. This means you can position the light at a variety of angles to get the desired shadows across the face. It’s almost a mini kinflo tube! TICK

-The light is dimmable. This is a huge advantage as it allows quick adjustment of light intensity and position to get the desired exposure and ‘look’. TICK

-It’s daylight balanced meaning it doesn’t need gelling for daylight shooting. That said, it comes with some little clips to attach gels directly to the shaft in a very slick fashion. TICK

So overall its’ a great little light that will sit in the car ready for action! I’ve attached a few images below with the Ice Light ‘in action’.

First up we have Noel sat next to a window, shot on the 5d Mrk 3, I could use the light to get a decent exposure and wrap around on his face without completely blowing out the background. Perhaps on a slightly dimmer day – or with an additional ‘Ice Light’ – I could have potentially pulled more out of the background.

Noel next to a window with the ‘Ice Light’ providing some fill from the right.

And the setup. The ‘Ice Light’ was on full power.

Secondly we have Noel again demonstrating the power of the ‘Ice Light’. It is bright enough to get that contrasty look even in a fairly bright room. In addition, with it’s daylight balance we don’t need to gel the light to get the correct colour!

Noel keyed with the ‘Ice Light’ with a window in the background. High contrast scenes are possible!


And the setup! The ‘Ice Light’ was near full power.

And finally, the ‘Ice Light’ used in anger yesterday for a PTC with concert organiser Chris. We literally had 5 minutes to capture the PTC ¬†before the performers turned up for the rehearsal (They actually started arriving as we were turning over!). We shot on the PMW200 with the ‘Ice Light’ as the key. The church was mixed lighting, mainly lit with tungsten lights but had in addition quite a bit of daylight coming in through the windows. I decided to balance for daylight and let the tungsten lights go orange over balancing for tungsten and having to gel the ‘Ice Light’ and let the window light go blue. I prefer things slightly warmer than cooler most of the time! You can see the window light giving Chris a bit of a rim light on the left!

Chris lit with the ‘Ice Light’ – The light was dimmed so I could get both a sDoF and keep the background bright

Thanks again to Noel for putting up with me doing the tests above! I’m sure he will be next on the list to purchase the ‘Ice Light’. I got mine from Production Gear, I’m sure I will be back for more!