JOHN (2016)

Short film JOHN follows the life of John the Baptist, introduced by the Angel’s message to Zechariah in Luke Chapter 1. Imagined for the ‘Enter The Pitch’ film competition, the film takes a modern approach, setting our story in 17th Century America in the harsh uninhabited lands of the North.

The film follows John living his life in the wilderness as he prepares to lead the new world to the way of the Lord, recounting John’s life from his birth to the baptism of Jesus.

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The Cinematography of ‘JOHN’

Shot on location in August 2016 on the Sony FS7 with Canon L Lenses.

  • Producers: Adam Peter Marsden & Dan Mears
  • Director: Adam Peter Marsden
  • Director of Photography: Dan Mears
  • Camera Assistant: Dave Galloway