Lullaby Forest: Look Reel (2015)

Shot as part of a short film dream memory sequence. The brief was to shoot both 3rd person and 1st person dream memory elements, taking advantage of ‘in camera’ lens effects. Here I have pulled together a collection of shots from our shoot as a look reel.

We experimented with placing obscure glass and objects in front of the lens to create distortions. We equally used lens wacking to create the 1st person dream elements.

Shot on the Sony A7s in Slog2 mode. Shot with a combination of Canon glass and a Helios 44-2 M42 lens for the lens wacking.

  • Director: Adam Peter Marsden
  • Director of Photography: Dan Mears
  • Camera Assistant: Jess James
  • Editor & Colourist: Jon Daniels