Roche Abbey (2017)

A short test shoot with time-lapse camera and drone near the Roche Abbey site near Maltby.

The time-lapses were shot on the Sony A7s with Canon 17-40mm lens and the drone footage was captured on a DJI Phantom 3 Standard.

All footage was graded with Impulz LUTS.

I had several issues with the time-lapse app on the A7s due to an issues with using the Canon lens so had to detach the lens slightly so the contacts didn’t touch… Once I did this it worked perfectly, with a whole battery lasting several setups.

We didn’t have any ND filters for the drone so had to shoot at a very high shutter speed, I feel most of the strobing on this footage is due to this. Equally, the footage was hard to grade due to the limited bitrate and codec yet I feel it turned out well. Footage straight out of the camera is a little ‘over’ sharp so I had to apply a small amount of blurring to reduce the effect of the artificial sharpness.

Music: Testamentum Eternum from Chant Cistercian Album

  • Director of Photography: Dan Mears
  • Drone Pilot: Adam Marsden