Simon Ward London (2014)

Biography film for London based author Simon Ward.

Shot on the Arri Amira with Canon CN7 lens. We took full advantage of its high speed functionality shooting coffee brewing at 200fps! We also shot cut aways at 100fps to give us slow motion sequences.

We shot the PTC at 50fps so as to take advantage of being able to slow down the motion at the end of sentences to see slow motion eye blinking etc. before going into the slow motion sequences… As we wanted the final film to be at 25fps, to avoid the staccato motion when converting from 50fps to 25fps we shot with a 356 degree shutter to emulate a 1/50 of a second or 180 degree shutter at 25fps.

Shot in CLog at 2K in ProRes422.. Arri Alexa LUT applied in FCP X.

We shot B camera with the A7s in Slog2 mode, shooting 1080 50fps XAVC-S with a 1/50 shutter. We shot 1 stop over so to take advantage of the visible noise reduction when bringing it down a stop in post. We applied a LUT in FCP X.

This shoot saw me work as a DoP for a DoP I regularly work with as an assistant – jolly good fun for my last shoot of 2014!

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Simon Ward London

  • Director: Jamie Hobbis
  • Director of Photography: Dan Mears
  • Sound Recordist: Tom Ottley
  • Editor: Dan Mears