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Don’t Hedge Your Bets

Hedge Backup Software for Filmmakers

Don’t “Hedge Your Bets” with Hedge Backup Software for Filmmakers

When it comes to backing up your precious camera rushes it’s not worth ‘hedging’ your bets on a drag and drop affair….

I have recently upgraded my DIT Laptop with a fantastic piece of software called Hedge.

Hedge is a piece of backup software designed for filmmakers. It is designed to make backing up and saving those important camera rushes both easy, quick and most importantly secure!

Why Hedge?

Hedge Logo

Hedge Logo

Hedge is built for speed, making backing up large files quick. We’ve all been on those shoots where we are getting through the Gigabytes and have to keep on top of the downloads. With Hedge they use their Fast Lane engine to speed up the backup process.

It also allows you to backup to multiple drives simultaneously in the same time it would take to backup to one! This is great as multiple backups are the name of the game for keeping camera rushes secure. I’d regularly want to backup rushes to 2 or 3 drives. In the past this has usually meant waiting for each drive to copy before starting the next.

Most importantly though is its verification process. Every backup goes through a checksum, this ensures everything has copied correctly, and exactly, from the original media. Further, each backup is saved with its very own Transfer Log and MHL. Now, I can already hear you saying “What?!” A Transfer Log is just a little text document confirming everything has been copied correctly and all the files are present and correct. MHLs are Media Hash Lists which ensures that the complete source media is transferred without any alterations. More about MHLs can be found here – link to external website.

Hedge Software

Finally, Hedge allows you to create complex file structures, copy file structures from drive to drive and also change the name of the source quickly and easily to make backing up as user friendly as possible.

There we are, I’m looking forward to using Hedge on my up coming shoots to keep both the backup process as quick and secure as possible!

Why not try Hedge yourself? They offer a 10 Day Free Trial and readers of my blog can get a 10% Discount using the affiliate link below, which also helps me keep this blog going!

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