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Live Streaming – Coventry University Graduation Ceremonies

Coventry University Graduation Ceremony

I have spent the last week in the surroundings of Coventry Cathedral covering the Coventry University Graduation Ceremonies for live streaming, DVD & BluRay sale and live screens.

An eagle eye view

Given a two year hiatus, it was brilliant to be back in these amazing surroundings and great to see so many students graduate.

Live Mixing for Live Steaming, Recording and Live Screens.
From the Mix Desk

I have now covered the Coventry University Graduation Ceremonies for 10 years, a whole decade! Over that time I have seen some incredible technical advancements, most notable to move from SD to HD production. With that, the ‘on the day’ production of BluRay discs as well as the usual DVDs. Furthermore, the massive improvement to live streaming, initially in very low quality SD to superb HD.

Colleague Adam Marsden on the Camera

We work as a multi skilled small team, so usually spread the responsibility of camera operating, vision mixing & DVD/BluRay authoring between us over the week.

Students waiting to Graduate

I look forward to see what the Graduation Ceremonies at Coventry University have to bring over the next decade and Congratulations to all those who have graduated!

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