Yorkshire, UK

Encore (2015)

It’s the 1950’s in London’s premiere entertainment district, the west end. The vibe is high but London is only just getting back on its feet after the devastation of the World War 2 blitz.

Frank, the Nightguard, diligently watches over the theatre in the small hours, burning the midnight oil with his classical record collection as his only companion.
Tonight is no different, but strange things are afoot when Frank finds he has more than his records keeping him company.

With Anthony Cozens as Frank and David Castleford as George Bardley you’ll be sure to enjoy this rather thrilling and haunting night at the theatre.

Shot on the Arri Amira across two days in September 2015.

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  • Production: Next Step Films
  • Writer/Director/Producer/Editor: Adam Marsden
  • DoP/Producer: Dan Mears
  • Colourist: Jason Moffat