Yorkshire, UK

Shutdown Case Study (2018)

Kent Introl recently completed a major shutdown project of approximately 140 valves for a leading UK refinery.

We were tasked with filming the shutdown, on site at Kent Introl. We wanted to ensure we could show as much of the process as possible so therefore made use of various filmmaking techniques to do so.

Firstly, we used handheld camerawork to get in on the action, all shot at 50fps to attain slow motion sequences.  We also made use of a time-lapse camera, this enabled us to capture the busyness of the factory and the process of the valves being stripped down and reassembled. Finally, we made use of an action camera to capture footage not achievable with the handheld camera, mounting it on forklift trucks and cranes.

The film was shot over two day on location with a combination of the Sony FS7, Sony A7s and action camera, along with Canon L series zoom lenses and Sigma Art prime lenses.

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  • Production: Design Junkie
  • Creative Director: Paul Roe
  • Director of Photography: Dan Mears
  • Editor: Gareth Harrison