Yorkshire, UK

Prestige Financial Solutions (2021)

A completely different project for me, working with an artist to create an animated info film.

A one day shoot consisting of drawing 14 different animated images with a table top setup, making use of my compact camcorder, the Sony NX80, and my Flex-Lights to create a beautiful soft light source.

The script was first signed off by the client, along with an animation style. Our artist then set to creating the 14 images based on Adam storyboard. She then created printouts for us to film that she could trace, and that we could ‘key out’ the lines in post!

The drawings were then sped up and animated.

The project was very much one conceived and created in pre-production, with production and post-production bring the concept to life.

  • Production: Next Step Films
  • Director/Producer/Editor: Adam Marsden
  • DoP/Producer: Dan Mears
  • Artist: Kelsea Shelton-Heath