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Recommended Accessories for the Sony A7IV

Sony A7IV SmallRig Half Cage

I recently upgraded my B-Cam to the fantastic Sony A7IV Mirrorless Camera. Offering downsampled 7K footage in 4K 10 Bit XAVC S-I, Full Frame sensor with sLog & S-Cinetone built in. It’s the perfect ‘B’ camera to my FX9! However, with any new camera comes those ‘new’ accessories! Here is my pick of perfect accessories for the Sony A7IV for video.

If you’d like to take a look at any of the accessories I recommend below please check out the links on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

SmallRig Half Cage

I was keen to keep my A7IV capable of shooting stills as well as video and therefore didn’t want to block the brilliant built-in handgrip. I also wanted Arca Swiss compatibility for my stills tripod too!

The SmallRig half cage was perfect for my needs, offering the Arca Swiss connection on the bottom, along with screw treads for a tripod plate. It includes lots of mounting holes on the side of the cage plus the addition of a cold shoe mount too, perfect for microphones!

Sony A7IV SmallRig Half Cage

Neewer FZ100 2x Battery & Charger Kit

Sadly the A7IV doesn’t come with a charger, it relies on you charging the battery through the camera! While this might work for some I find I need to charge batteries throughout the day of continuous video shooting. Sony does make a charger, which I am sure is brilliant, Neewer offer a fantastic value pack of 2x FZ100 batteries plus a USB Charger for less than the cost of the Sony changer! As an added bonus, it also charges the original Sony FZ100 batteries too!

Neewer FZ100 Batteries plus Charger

USB-C Power Delivery (PD) Mains Supply

I spent some time working out how to power the camera through mains, with lots of searches on forums and blogs! I eventually found that USB-C PD (Power Delivery) was the way to go, over a dummy battery.

This option basically constantly charges the installed battery, providing a constant stream of power. Therefore you do need a battery installed in the camera for this to work, and ideally it needs to be fully charged. The key specification you require to ensure your mains charger/power supply works is 9V/3A. This is what the camera needs so it doesn’t drain the installed battery.

I managed to find a compatible Laptop Charger to fit the bill and have used this in anger at a conference recently, it didn’t skip a beat! It has a nice long cable from the transformer (which is nice and small), so you aren’t pulling on your USB-C socket and it includes a figure 8 mains cable too!

USB-C PD Mains Power

SD Cards

And to conclude my roundup of accessories for the Sony A7IV, there is a lot of talk of SD Cards or CF Express Type A cards for the Sony A7IV.

Personally, I don’t film a huge amount of S&Q footage, which is the primary reason you’d purchase the more expensive CF Express Type A cards, therefore I decided to pick up some Pro Grade V90 128GB cards. With these cards you can shoot the highest bitrate XAVC S-I 4K footage without breaking the bank!

Pro_Grade 128GB SD Card

I have also had success with some older high speed V30 cards shooting XAVC-S 4K however anything below a V90 card won’t work in XAVC S-I 4K.

A little work around to achieving 50/60fps with V90 cards (over the more expensive CF Express Type A cards) is to change the ‘Rec Frame Rate’ to 50p in the ‘Movie Settings’ menu. You will have to interpret the footage in the edit however an added bonus with this setting is you maintain your audio input!


I hope that short run down of my recommended accessories for the Sony A7IV was useful! I will keep adding to this page as I purchase more useful equipment for this fantastic camera!!

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