Yorkshire, UK

Shooting Packages

Over the last decade, I have developed an equipment arsenal to provide bespoke shooting packages and services to productions of all sizes. From cinematic cameras (Sony FX9 & FS7) to Mirrorless Camera Kits, my shooting packages contain everything we need to start filming, when you hire me! All kit listed below is my own, so you know it’s maintained and cared for!

FX9 Cinematic Shooting Package

My Cinematic Shooting Package is based around the Sony FX9 Camera and Sigma Art Zoom & Prime Lenses. With a 6K Full Frame sensor with dual base ISO, shooting in 4K, UHD & HD up to 180fps, it is a great choice for many projects, from broadcast to social media. It is a complete ‘one stop package’ for your next production!

Sony FX9 Camera Kit

  • Sony FX9 Camera Body inc. Zacuto Baseplate & Moose Bars
  • IDX V-Lok Battery Kit (4x 90Wh Batteries & Hawkwoods Plate)

Lenses & Filtration

  • Metabones Lens Adaptor
  • Prime Lenses – Sigma ART Series
  • Zoom Lens – Sigma ART Series
  • 4×4 Matte Box inc. Filters

Support Kit

  • Sachtler DV12 Tripod
  • 5.5″ On-Camera Monitor or 7″ Hi-Bright Director’s Monitor
  • Paralinx Wireless Monitoring Solution

Lighting Kit

  • LED Lighting Kit

Mirrorless ‘B’ Camera Kit

My Mirrorless ‘B’ Camera Kit is based around a Sony A7IV Mirrorless Camera. An incredible lightweight camera with 7K full frame sensor, capturing beautiful UHD images. With S-Cinetone and sLog3 picture profiles, amazing autofocus and its dual base ISO. It’s the perfect ‘B’ Camera to my FX9, and when combined with the DJI Ronin SC 2 it makes a perfect gimbal package for B-Roll material.

Sony A7IV Camera Kit

  • Sony A7IV Mirrorless Camera
  • 4x FZ100 Batteries

Lenses & Filtration

  • Sigma MC-11 EF-E Mount Adaptor
  • K&F Variable ND (3-7 Stops)

Support Kit

  • Vinten Pro-Touch 5 Tripod
  • DJI Ronin SC 2 Gimbal
  • RavenEye Wireless Monitoring
  • 24″ Carbon Fiber Slider
  • Benro Monopod

FS7 Shooting Package

My FS7 Shooting Package is a great ‘all-round kit’ when paired with my Canon (EF) L Series Zoom Lenses and Metabones Speedbooster. With a Super 35 sensor shooting in 4K, UHD & HD up to 180fps, it is a great choice for many projects.

Sony FS7 Camera Kit

  • Sony FS7 Camera Body
  • 3x SWIT BP-U Batteries

Lenses & Filtration

  • Metabones Speed Booster
  • Zoom Lenses – Canon L Series

Support Kit

  • Vinten Pro-Touch 5 Tripod

Lighting Kit

  • LED Lighting Kit

Lenses & Filtration

Long Lens

Sigma ART (EF) Prime Lenses

  • 24mm f1.4
  • 35mm f1.4
  • 50mm f1.4

Sigma ART Zoom Lenses

  • 24-70mm f2.8 (E-Mount)

Canon L (EF) Zoom Lenses

  • 24-105mm f4 IS
  • 70-200mm f4 IS

Helios Vintage Prime Lenses (on request)

  • 28mm f2.8
  • 35mm f2.8
  • 58mm f2 (Classic 44-2)

Lens Adaptors

  • Metabones EF-E Mount
  • Metabones EF-E Mount Speedbooster
  • Sigma MC-11 EF-E Mount


  • Genus 4×4 Matte Box
  • Various Filters inc. ND, ND Grad etc.
  • K&F Variable ND (3 to 7 Stops)

Support Kit

Grip Equipment

  • Sachlter DV12 100mm Carbon Fiber Tripod
  • Vinten Pro-Touch 5 75mm Tripod
  • High-Hat 100mm ‘Mini-Tripod’ Legs
  • Benro Monopod
  • DJI Ronin SC 2 Gimbal (For A7IV)
  • 24″ Carbon Fiber Slider
  • 6m Tripod Track & Dolly System (on request)
  • Hague 90° Right Angle Bracket – For Portrait shooting on the FX9 & FS7 (on request)

Monitoring Solutions

  • 5.5″ On-Camera Monitor
  • 7″ Hi-Bright Director’s Monitor
  • 21″ JVC Broadcast Monitor (on request)
  • Paralinx Wireless Monitoring Solution
  • DJI RavenEye Wireless Monitoring Solution (Sony A7IV/RSC-2)

V-Lok Battery Kit

  • IDX Quad V-Lok Charger
  • IDX Dual V-Lok Charger (on request)
  • 4x IDX 90Wh V-Lok Batteries
  • 2x Baxter 90Wh Batteries

Sound Kit (on request)

  • RODE Wireless Lavalier Mic System
  • RODE Wired Lavalier Mic Kit
  • Sony Shotgun Mic & Boom Pole
  • Audio-Technica Camera-Top Microphone
  • Sennheiser HD-25 Headphones

DIT / Edit Kit (on request)

  • Apple MacBook Pro 13″ 2020 Laptop
  • 4 Thunderbolt 3 Ports
  • Hedge ‘Backup Software for Filmmakers’
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Sony Catalyst Browse
  • 1TB SanDisk SSD

Camera / DIT Cart (on request)

Custom designed equipment cart, ideal for moving camera equipment around location and in and out of hotels! It also doubles as an ideal work area for downloading rushes and while on-set.

Lighting Kits

Green Screen Lighting


  • 2x Large Bi-Colour LED FlexLights inc. Softboxes, Light Dome & Batteries
  • 2x RGB LED Panels (Bi-Colour, RGB & Effects)
  • 1x Godox Litemons LA200Bi (Bi-Colour & Effects)

My LED Kit packs down into a 1610 Pelicase making the kit an incredibly portable lighting kit.

Tungsten Kit (On Request)

  • 1x Redhead (800W)
  • 2x Arri Fresnel (650W & 300W)
  • 1x Dedolight (150W) inc. Inline Dimmer
  • 2x Redheads (800W) (on request)

Lighting Support Kit

  • 6x Manfrotto Lighting Stands
  • 2x Tall Lighting Stands
  • 2x Dedolight Lighting Stands
  • 6ft Goal Post
  • 1×1 Trace Frame (on request)
  • Wescott FastFlags
  • Large (5 in 1) Reflector
  • 3x Super Clamps
  • 2x Knuckles
  • 2x Scissor Clamps
  • Collection of Gels
  • Stands, Grip and Distribution Equipment

Backgrounds (on request)

  • 2m x 2.5m Green Screen (Pop Up) – Ideal for talking head interviews & pieces to camera.

Rapid Response Crew Vehicle

Ford Transit Connect

Seats 3 plus kit. Bulkhead safety guard and racked out for kit.


Insight Insurance Services – Markel Insurance 

Equipment, Public Liability, Professional Indemnity Insurance

There many be an additional charge for kit listed as ‘On Request’