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Shooting Packages

Over the last decade, I have developed an equipment arsenal to be a bespoke shooting package and service to productions. My Shooting Packages contain everything we need to start filming, including; camera, lenses, grip, monitoring equipment and lighting kit too, when you hire me!

All kit listed below is my own, so you know it’s maintained and cared for!

Cinematic Shooting Package

My Cinematic Shooting Package is based around a Sony FS7 Camera and Sigma Art Prime Lenses.

With a Super 35mm sensor shooting in HD & 4K up to 180fps, it is a great choice for many projects.

My Cinematic Shooting Package is a complete ‘one stop package’ for your next production, including; zoom & prime lenses, grip, lighting & monitoring equipment.

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'Run & Gun' Camera Kit

My ‘Run & Gun Camera Kit’ is based around a Sony NX80 camcorder, an incredible lightweight video camera with UDH and HD broadcast picture quality performance. It’s perfect for those situations where speed and portability are a must!

My ‘Run & Gun’ Camera Kit comes complete with everything we need to start filming.

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Lighting Solutions

Lighting is a fundamental part of being a Director of Photography.

I have a range of of Lighting Kits to fit each project, from LED, battery powered, fixtures to the more traditional Tungsten lamps.

My LED Lighting Kit fits down into two small portable Pelicases, for easy transportation, and my Tungsten Lighting Kit offers a more traditional approach to lighting.

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Support Kit

No camera is complete without its Support Kit.

I can offer Grip Equipment, including tripods and sliders, Monitoring Solutions including wireless options, Sound Kit for those single crew shoots and a DIT/Edit Kit for downloading your rushes.

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A Professional Approach

I know how important it is to dress for the job, and my kit doesn’t disappoint.

My kit comes in black Pelicases; providing a clean, professional look when shooting in slick offices, to offering robust protection when on location.

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