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Covid-19 Shooting Guidelines

Last Reviewed: 9th June 2020

While we all try to get back to production under the new social distancing measures designed to reduce the spread of Covid-19, here are the steps I am taking to ensure proper hygiene and safety standards while shooting.


All travel will be in private vehicles and people from different households won’t travel in the same vehicle together. Arrangements for parking near to the filming location will be planned ahead of the shoot.

Equipment Disinfecting

All of the equipment I own is my own and is throughly cared for and looked after. Before and after each shoot, the equipment being used will be thoroughly disinfected using anti-bacterial wipes. This will be carried out prior to the shoot and also on wrap before the end of the shooting day.

Equipment Handling

As is my general policy, all equipment should only be handled by myself unless otherwise requested. During the current situation this will be extended further to reduce the amount of cross-contamination. At the start of each shooting day, equipment will be allocated to each member of crew, it will be for them throughout the day to handle that equipment. If another person needs to handle it then it will be throughly disinfected prior to use.

Hand Washing

Following government guidance, hand washing for 20 seconds for as often as possible will be adhered to. Therefore, prior to the shooting day beginning, hand washing facilities will be located for this to take place.

If we are outside, or in a location where hand washing facilities are not available, then hand sanitiser will be used. This will be carried by myself throughout the shooting day.

2m Distance

I am taking measures to implement the 2 meters distancing between people.

Firstly, when working with talent, shooting will take place from at least a 2m distance from them. If lights/microphones/set needs adjusting within a 2m distance of the talent they will be asked to ‘move-out’ so these can be done safely. If it isn’t possible to maintain a 2m distance then remote working options will be considered first, such as leaving the camera ‘unmanned’ or using remotely operated cameras. If these options aren’t possible contact will be kept to a minimum and extra PPE will be used, such as face masks, to make the working environment safe.

When working with crew, when physical contact is required a 2m distance will be maintained, if it isn’t possible remote and distant working options will be considered first. These include the use of wireless monitors and audio links, walkie talkies and Skype/Zoom calls. If the above options aren’t possible, and contact with less than a 2m distance is needed, this physical contact will be kept to a minimum and extra PPE will be used including face masks.

Symptoms of Covid-19 & Self Isolation

If I or any of my crew members develop symptoms of Covid-19, or are asked to self isolate, ahead of the shoot the client will be contacted as soon as possible so they can make alternative arrangements, whether that is to book another person or to re-arrange the shoot.

If I or any of my crew members develop symptoms of Covid-19, or are asked to self isolate, during the shoot then the shoot will be bought to a fitting close as soon as possible and an alternative shooting date will be re-scheduled.

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