Yorkshire, UK

Covid-19 Shooting Guidelines

Last Reviewed: 25th November 2021

During the on-going Covid-19 Pandemic I am keeping my Covid-19 shooting guidelines updated in relation to industry best practice and Government guidelines.

Symptoms of Covid-19 & Self Isolation

If I or any of my crew members develop symptoms of Covid-19, or are asked to self isolate, ahead of the shoot the client will be contacted as soon as possible so they can make alternative arrangements, whether that is to book another person or to re-arrange the shoot.

Social Distancing

There is currently no legal requirement for social distancing.

Face Covering

There is currently no legal requirement for face coverings to be worn.

Hand Washing

Following government guidance, hand washing for 20 seconds for as often as possible will be adhered to. Therefore, prior to the shooting day beginning, hand washing facilities will be located for this to take place.

If we are outside, or in a location where hand washing facilities are not available, then hand sanitiser will be used. This will be carried by myself throughout the shooting day.


All travel will be in private vehicles and current Government guidelines will be adhered. Arrangements for parking near to the filming location will be planned ahead of the shoot.