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Cancelled Event? Live Streaming could be the answer…

Live Streaming

While events, conferences and exhibitions get cancelled across the county, is Live Streaming an alternative route to ‘mass gatherings’?

Having spent the last 16 years working across Live Production, Internal Communication Films and Promotional Films for businesses, I wanted to share how I can see Live Streaming offering an alternative to ‘mass gatherings’ during this time of uncertainty.

Camcorder ready for Live Streaming

Communicating with your Staff, Customers and Shareholders

Let’s face it, events, conferences and exhibitions are designed for communicating a message to a select audience, so that you can inform, educate or inspire them.

When events get cancelled, that communication channel has now been removed. Sure… you can send out an email newsletter or create a snazzy film to put on YouTube but this doesn’t allow your audience to ‘plug-in’ to message in quite the same way as a live event. They don’t set aside time for you in the same way or disconnect from the ‘everyday’ to concentrate on the ‘here and now’.

Making use of a Live Stream puts you back in the driving seat, setting a specific time and date on which the stream is going to be going out, it’s like Live TV without a ‘watch later button’. Live Streaming allows you to utilize the speakers lined up for your event too, allowing them to still give their address. You can also make use of pre-prepared material, like films and slide decks, during the Live Stream too, creating an immersive environment. Want to do a Q&A or get feedback? No problem, through Facebook and YouTube you can interact with your viewers Live!

Live stream your event instead!

Representing your Brand Image & Identity

Companies work hard to create a brand image and identity. From the logo to the website, printed materials to brand colours, it all works together to represent who you are.

Sadly, when people consider Live Streaming they often the turn to their iPhone or webcam to carry out the task. With poor image quality, shaky camerawork and quite often un-audible sound, these methods don’t go hand in hand in representing your Brand Image or Identity.

However, when done professionally, Live Streaming can plug into your Image & Brand. Firstly, using professional video and audio equipment allows you to have multiple cameras, offering different angles. Each speaker will have their own microphone too, creating crystal clear audio. All of these elements feed in to your Brand Image & Identity, helping to affirm, rather than deter, from them.

You can go one step further too, and really embed your Image & Brand into the Live Stream, by making use of brand colours, fonts and styles within the graphics of the stream.

Live Streaming with David Beckham
Live Streaming with David Beckham

How does it Work?

So you want to Live Stream but unsure of what to do? Thankfully, thats where I can help!

Whether you’re wanting to supplement your event with a Live Stream or replace it all together, I, along with a team of professionals who have over 25 years combined experience delivering Live Streaming solutions, can work with you to come up with a tailored solution around your requirements and budget.

green screen with black wrap on lights

Whether you are looking to supplement your event with a camera or two, or looking to create a studio environment at your offices, with lighting and sound, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your Live Streaming requirements.