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3 Top Tips for Professional Development

Professional Development is a watch word in large organisations and institutions. Developing staff skills and abilities thought training programmes and courses.

Sadly, working as a freelancer in the media industry doesn’t provide the usual channels of professional development and training that are available to employees in large organisations or institutions. Therefore, I wanted to share with you my 3 Top Tips for Professional Development.

Tip 1 – Learn from Others

My first tip is to learn from others. When I started in the industry, I learnt so much from established DoPs and Camera Operators while I was working alongside them as a Camera Assistant. Watching what they do, asking questions (at appropriate times!) and discussing their craft was something I did for around 5 years, and much of the DoP I am today was formed in those years.

Focus Pulling at Karnak Temple on Alexa Plus

Tip 2 – Read, Read, Read!

My second tip is to read, in particular blogs. As you will know, I really enjoy blogging about my work, equipment and general hints and tips. This is because, throughout my career, I have learnt so much from reading other people’s blogs. Whether it’s a technical lighting/camera breakdown of a project or a technical exercise, just setting aside an hour or so each week will help you learn from people out there ‘on the job’! If you don’t know where to start, why not check out the blogs I’ve written here?

Screen Capture from my Blog, highlighting its use for Professional Development
Why not check out my blog?

Tip 3 – Shoot Something!

And finally, my third tip! Go out and SHOOT SOMETHING! While we all like to discuss making films and the technicalities, actually getting out there shooting something is the only way to put into practice what you have learned! In the early years of my career I have shot so many low and zero budget films to gain experience and to test out new techniques which I wouldn’t dare do on paying jobs! Creating something ‘for fun’ allows you to break the usual boundaries and find your style!

Shooting the Crowd Funding campaign video for “Rhyolite”

So there we have it, my 3 Top Tips for Professional Development!

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