Yorkshire, UK

Prestige – Referral Scheme Film (2023)

A continuation from the animation film I shot for Prestige Financial Solutions back in 2021 – here we produced a similar film to advertise their referral scheme.

The project was very much one conceived and created in pre-production, with production and post-production bring the concept to life. On this project we managed to push the animation and effects that little bit further both with our own confidence and client sign off.

A one day shoot consisting of drawing 12 different animated images with a table top setup, making use of my mirrorless ‘B’ Camera, the Sony A7IV, and my Flex-Lights to create a beautiful soft light source. The drawings were then sped up and animated.

  • Production: Next Step Films
  • Director/Producer/Editor: Adam Marsden
  • DoP/Producer: Dan Mears
  • Artist: Kelsea Shelton-Heath