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NEW Remote Filming Service – ‘Remote Link’

Director's Laptop View

In light of the current Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines I’d like to introduce our new service that allows Directors, Producers and Clients to engage in the filming process remotely, called ‘Remote Link’.

The service offers a live audio/video link of what is being recorded on camera via a Skype call, allowing the remote worker to engage in the filming process.

The ‘Remote Link’ service can be bolted onto my Cinematic Shooting Package including; Sony FS7 camera, prime & zoom lenses, LED lighting kit, monitoring & grip.

Blackmagic Ultrastudio Mini Recorder
Remote Audio/Video Feed

The service is ideal for a Producer/Director to conduct interviews away from the filming location, or to allow clients and shareholders to engage in the filming process at the same time as keeping the number of people on location to a minimum.

Remote Interviews

Director Monitor 1
Remote Worker’s Video Feed

The ideal application for this service is remote interviews, allowing somebody not on location to conduct interviews with contributors.

This could be suitable for people wanting to conduct interviews from another country or perhaps if you are unable to travel within the UK.

In this setup a small monitor with the remote worker’s video feed is setup alongside the camera, so the contributor can engage directly with them, as if they were there.

Director Monitor 2
Remote Worker’s Video Feed

For the remote worker, it’s like having a camera monitor on your laptop, with either the camera display on/off depending on whether timecode, file names or camera data needs to be taken note of.

Director's Laptop View - Remote Filming
Remote Worker’s View

Client & Shareholder Engagement

Another excellent application for the ‘Remote Link’ service is for when Clients and Shareholders want to engage in the filming process but are unable to attend the filming location either due to Covid-19 restrictions or in an effort to reduce the number of people on location.

In this situation the camera is tethered to the laptop to provide a live audio/video feed for the remote worker(s). This would work well in studio environments, where the camera doesn’t move very far, or on single locations where filming is taking place in one room.

In this situation the laptop is located in a convenient place to allow the Producer/Director or Client to engage with the remote workers using an ear-piece and mic. This way they can have discussions in relative privacy and then move back to engaging with the people on location.

Covid-19 Secure

To ensure I stick to Covid-19 guidelines I have written my own Covid-19 Shooting Guidelines which can be found here.

In addition to my guidelines I have various pieces of equipment to ensure social distancing and reduced contact between people is maintained.

This includes telephoto lenses, allows close shots of contributors from a safe distance.

Long Lens
Telephoto Lens

If a Producer/Director or Client is on location, I have a wireless video feed to a separate monitor to allow them to maintain social distancing while still engaging with what is being filmed.

Wireless Director’s Monitor

Further, while I would advocate the use of a separate Sound Recordist to ensure quality and safety, on the occasions this isn’t possible I shall be using shotgun directional microphones on a boom arm, rather than using the more traditional personally worn lavaliere microphones, when conducting interviews to reduce the person to person contact.

Boom Microphone
Shotgun Microphone

Find Out More

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to find out more about my remote filming service ‘Remote Link’ or if you are looking to film in the Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire or Humber regions.