Yorkshire, UK

Can You Do Your Own Sound?

Dan Recording Sound on the Sony NX80

I often get asked by clients “Can you do your own sound?” 

Yes I can… but there are limitations when compared to using a specialist Sound Recordist.

Firstly, I’d always advocate using a specialist Recordist where possible, and budgets permit. What they will bring to the shoot, with their knowledge and equipment, will help us achieve a better end result and also allows us to work a little quicker too.

Then again, there are those situations where there either; isn’t budget for a Recordist, or space on the crew! For these jobs I have developed a small Sound Kit to fill the gap and allow myself to do my own sound.

The kit comprises of;

  • RODE Wireless Lavalier Microphone (check out my review)
  • RODE Wired Lavalier Microphone
  • Sony Shotgun Microphone & Boom Pole
  • Audio-Technica Camera-Top Microphone
  • Sennheiser HD-25 Headphones

This small kit fills that gap when we just want to capture an interview, vox-pop or piece to camera to go with a host of MOS (Mit Out Sound) B-Roll footage.

Generally I would record the microphones straight to the camera to make the whole recording/editing process more streamlined. I equally would only advocate recording up to two microphones at once. Any more than that really requires a separate Recordist to monitor and mix the separate microphones correctly.

If you hire me with either the Sony FS7 Shooting Package or Sony NX80 Camera Kit you can ask me to provide my Sound Kit for your next shoot! The Kit is provided at an additional charge to help cover the cost of the equipment and the additional responsibility of recording my own sound.

Why not check out my equipment page to find out what other kit I could provide for your next shoot!