Yorkshire, UK

Live Web-Streaming – Newcastle University Graduations

Continuing my stint of graduation ceremonies, this winter season, I found myself at the wonderful setting of King’s Hall at Newcastle University, live web-streaming their usual Winter ceremonies.

Balcony Camera in King’s Hall

I have worked at Newcastle University covering the graduation ceremonies for 9 years! Thought-out that time we have seen some big changes in the way we work and the service and products we offer.

Multiview for the Live Web-Streaming
Multiview for the Live Web-Streaming

First was the first move from SD to HD production, going from using a Panasonic MX-50 to making use of the ‘new’ Blackmagic ATEM mixers. Further, once we moved to HD production we began to offer BluRay Discs for purchase, as well as the usual DVD discs.

Robotic Camera setup, making use of my Sony NX80

We then started using a Robotic Camera back in 2014, which freed up personnel to help with production of the discs. It also allows us to put the camera in positions you can’t get an operator, and I have personally used this setup on many occasions, currently with my Sony NX80.

King’s Hall set for the University Graduations

We have been live web-streaming the ceremonies from Newcastle University since I have been involved. It’s a great way, especially at the moment, for family and friends to tune in an enjoy the graduation ceremony without being there ‘in person’.

If you’d like to watch any of the ceremonies they are available to view here, along with one of the ceremonies below.

King’s Hall and my Swit Monitor.

Overall a great week in Newcastle supporting the postgraduate graduation ceremonies, congratulations to all the graduates! If you’d like to find out more about my work as a Live Video Director and Camera Operator, take a look my other services page.